A.J Moore & Nick Rundall are a new acoustic duo who defy easy categorisation. Blending exquisite dual guitar arrangements with original songwriting they draw inspiration from many genres as they attempt to expand what a vocal acoustic guitar duo can be.


With A.J’s background as a classical, folk guitarist/singer and Nick from the rock and jazz guitar world, both bring forth differing composing approaches which when combined create something quite unexpected and beautiful.

The blueprint for the duo’s sound started with their arrangement of A.J’s song ‘Beautiful Eyes’. This collaboration seemed to stick as being the definitive version of the song. It epitomized many of the qualities the two musicians aspired to create, a solo voice accompanied by intricate guitar arrangements that would be more associated with classical/jazz recordings than mainstream pop.

However both found themselves working repeatedly on solo and session projects so it wasn’t until 2017 that the duo finally had the chance to come together and write what would become their self titled debut album.

The album was recorded and mixed by Nick over a one year period in a self built recording space on the 8th floor of an old police building over looking the River Thames. This gave the duo the artistic freedom to create the album they wanted.